Thursday, April 29, 2010


Do you ever hear a song on the radio and it throws you back in time. That just happened to me. Since my go-to work radio station is no longer on the air, I have been trying others. The one that has been on today apparently likes playing some older songs. (They also played the theme song from Titanic earlier.)

Anybody remember Savage Garden? I'm pretty sure they were a one hit wonder with their song Truely, Madly, Deeply. That song just came on the radio and I was suddenly a giddy 16 year old with my first boyfriend. This was our song. The thought of him crooning these lyrics to me made my heart melt.

I want to stand with you on a mountain
I want to bathe with you in the sea
I want to lay like this forever
Until the sky falls down on me

Oh, Andrew. I was so in love with you. It didn't matter that you enjoyed playing with my heart and hardly returned the affection in the later years. It didn't matter that you were brilliant with zero ambition. It didn't matter that my parents disapproved of you. You were central for me. I orbited around you with a pull that I couldn't escape all through high school.

I wonder what became of you. I wonder if drugs consumed you or if you ever decided to grow up. I'm soooo glad we didn't work out.


blueviolet said...

I think when my parents didn't like a boy I was dating, I liked him even more!

Ashli said...

Oh, high school...Some great times, and some embarrassing ones! lol

Mary said...

I was the same age when that song came brother got me the CD for Christmas! And my 4 yr old nephew called it "the mountain song" and wanted to listen to it all day b/c I listened to it so much :o)

Julie and Carlos said...

Wasn't he one of the hockey retards???