Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Book

I am a follower of Amy's blog Mother Load. She is hilarious and insightful and tells motherhood like it is. She also has written a book, When did I get like this?, which I'm sure is as hilarious as her blog. Buttoned Up is giving away three copies of her book. I'm getting an extra entry by posting this. Click here to see the giveaway, but don't enter because I want to win!

Did I mention this would make a great Mother's Day gift for girlfriends with young kids? I didn't? Well, it would. Go buy it.

1 comment:

blueviolet said...

You are so funny about your book giveaway. I can't remember if I entered that or not, but if I didn't, I won't! LOL

The photos came out super duper cute!!! I just love them!!!