Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink Cupcakes

BG has been asking me for awhile to make pink cupcakes. I thought with Valentine's Day quickly approaching, it would be a great time to make them. I realized I didn't have a cake mix so we would have to make it from scratch. I figured that wouldn't be too hard. I found a recipe for a coconut cake in a cookbook and we set to work.

I need to remember not to make recipes I haven't tried before when cooking with BG. I am very distracted trying to cook with her so I'm not so good at reading the recipe correctly. The first thing I did was dump the eggs and sugar together. It wasn't until after they were sitting the bowl together did I read I should have creamed the sugar and butter first. I took out as much of the eggs as I could for the creaming. We got to the eggs later and I dumped them back in. It was three steps later that I noticed I should have only combined the yolks and reserved the whites. They were to be whipped separately and folded in at the end. By that point, I didn't care. I knew the cake wouldn't be a fluffy as it would have been if I followed the recipe but I figured all the ingredients were in there so I wasn't going to worry about it.

I put half the batter into a cake pan and got out the food coloring for the rest. BG loved watching the color swirl through the batter. She squealed in delight "I love it! I love it!" We baked everything up while I made frosting. We colored some of the coconut red and she also loved that.

Isn't my helper so cute? She loved playing the flour that we spilled on the counter. She is really good at dumping the ingredients into the bowl.
The final cake. Despite all the mix-ups during the mixing process, it turned out tasty!

And the cupcakes. We had to leave some naked (sans coconut) for Daddy who doesn't like coconut. She loved the pink topping.

Enjoying the fruits of her labor. She didn't want to pick it up with her hands. Instead she just lifted up the plate to bite it. She really must be my child because she basically licked all the frosting off then declared she was done. The frosting is my favorite part too!


Kristina P. said...

These look delicious! But I would have to go for the cupcakes sans coconut.

When I was about your daughter's age, my mom made me a birthday cake that was a pink bunny, and it was covered in coconut. Blech!

Julie and Carlos said...

Jessica - CRAZY thing, just yesterday I was sitting at the dinner table and I told Carlos that I had a sudden and intense desire to find a coconut cake recipe, make it from scratch, and put big flakes of coconut over the frosting. Really. I promise. He then made a face probably just like Justin's "Ewww coconut. Gross."
I'm seriously craving coconut cake. Can you send me the recipe?

Jay and Michelle Teerlink said...

That sounds like it was a fun afternoon. I miss doing things like that with Kaden. Oh well, I'll just have to wait until I am back on me feet again.

Jessica G. said...

Naked cupcakes just in time for Valentine's Day!