Friday, February 6, 2009


BG has a relationship with spiders. Usually it's a bad one but on occasion, she likes them. The thing is, I can't recall when she's actually seen a live spider, at least not recently. Maybe back in the summer when we were working in the garden.

The last few nights she has insisted on a spider check before bed. Daddy is the only one qualified to complete a thorough spider check of her bed. It involved examining her blankets and shaking them out, closely examining her pink bear and pillow, and wiping down her sheets. The spiders apparently live in the corner of her bed because that is where they are always coming from.

She often sees "spiders" in the car. Sometimes they are on her. I tell her to throw them away. She will "pick up" the imaginary spider and throw it into the air. This seems to help appease any anxiety.

Some kids are afraid of monsters or reptiles. Mine has a thing for spiders.


Kristina P. said...

I read somewhere that the average person will eat like 7 spiders in their lifetime.

You may not want to share that with her.

rychelle said...

i have this same "thing" with scorpions.

seriously. they are out to get me.

Erin said...

Poor thing!

Do you think could do an imaginary "bug bomb" in your house so all of the spiders will disappear?

Anonymous said...

My daughter can't handle spiders either. She'll leave the room and won't come back in until she's sure it's gone.

Jennifer said...

I am TERRIFIED of spiders.. always have been and I doubt my fear will ever go away... no matter how small, I'm deathly afraid. It's weird. I actually DO see them out of no where to when other people don't.. It's like i have Spiderdar.

Jessica G. said...

Kristina stole my comment. Now I just feel lame.

Um...spiders are icky?