Saturday, November 21, 2009

New Moon: Greatest Movie Ever?

Let me preface my movie review by saying I am far from the uber-fan. I read the first book, but never saw the movie. I haven't read any of the other books. I enjoyed the first book for the teenage romance that it is. However, I do not own anything with a symbolic apple and you may notice the lack of a "My heart belongs to Edward" button on my side bar.

My mom called me and invited me to go to New Moon with her. I was happy to go because 1- Free ticket 2- Adult girl time and 3-Why not? I went into it thinking it would be mediocre at best. I'd heard the CG was pretty impressive with the werewolves, and it was.

So as to not give away the story to those who haven't seen it (is it possible to spoil a book-based movie for fans?), I'll just give my general thoughts. I left the theater thinking it was a good chick-flick. A fun movie to see with your girlfriend, but not award winning. The one thing that I am still having a hard time with is how unrealistic it all is. No, not the part about vampires. Or even the whole werewolf thing. What bugs me is that some random, plain Jane girl moves to po-dunk Smallville and ends up with two super-human, super-natural, hot guys fighting for her love. Come on now. Like THAT ever happens.

As I was driving home thinking about all the drama, The Cure came on the radio and it was like a slingshot back to high school. I realized that I would have LOVED this series in high school. Mostly because I would have related Edward and Bella to my own, at the time, torrid relationship with a boy who was neither forthcoming nor overly affectionate. Then again, I think I was kind of depressed in high school. (It makes me grateful for the happy, drama-less life I currently lead.)

So all in all, a decent movie worth seeing for the casual fan like me. If you are the uber fan, I don't think anyone could stop you from seeing it.


Mary said...

I haven't seen it yet because of my work schedule, but look forward to seeing it sometime next week.

I am not an uber fan either, but I really did enjoy the series as a whole. Great review!

Jillene said...

I am not an uber fan either but I did see it last night. I thought it was pretty good. I still laughed at a few things but overall enjoyed it.

Erin said...

I'm thinking I might see it this weekend with my mom. And I'm sure I will like it just fine.