Thursday, November 12, 2009

Online Discounts

Have you ever wondered if there was a discount code for the retailer you are ordering from? I sure don't have time to spend hours on Google looking for codes only to hope they will work. At some point, someone told me about It is the GREATEST site for compiling discount codes. Basically, you type in the online retailer and it will pull up a list of discount codes. It only takes seconds, but can save you lots of money!

For example, I just ordered a crib, changing table, and dresser from an online retailer. I had done my research to find the best online deal. Right before I finished checking out, I went to retailmenot and typed in the retailer. Up popped several coupons - $10 off $100, $20 off $200. Then I found the one I really wanted - 10% off orders over $200. BINGO! Since buying three pieces of furniture is pricy, I was pretty excited to find a 10% off code. I put the code into the promo box and it worked.

One of the other things I love about retailmenot is that if a code doesn't work, you click a button to notify them and they will remove it from their site. Every code has a percentage rate for how often it works for customers so you can easily see how well the coupon works. This helps eliminate outdated , expired, or incorrect codes. I’m not getting paid anything for this endorsement; just want to share a great resource!


Margaret said...

Thank you! This will be a great money saver for me!!!

Julie and Carlos said...

yeah, we use them all the time when booking hotel rooms. There's usually a code that works.