Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

Our holiday was pretty low-key. We slept in late then did some housework. My mom came over during the day and we did some scrapbooking. In the evening I attempted to BBQ. It quickly became apparent why The Man is in charge of starting the charcoals and grilling in general. After finally starting the charcoals I realized too late that I had too few to actually cook anything. So the chicken we were planning on grilling ended up in the oven. We ate in courses and had meat last.

We put the Child to bed at normal 8:00 bedtime. I think she would have liked the fireworks but it wasn't worth keeping her up so late. She slept right through them. We watched the Jaws marathon on TV until the big fireworks started about 10. We were surprised to discover that we actually have a pretty good view of one of the shows from our backyard. It may just become a family tradition to watch the fireworks from our backyard.

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