Sunday, July 13, 2008

Decorative Touches

Last weekend I was really in the decorating mood. I went to the local arts and crafts store and bought a whole bunch of great things for projects. Not all of them have been completed, but I did finish this cute one for The Child's room.

I stole this idea from another blogger. I don't even remember who it was so I can't give credit (sorry!) but I won't claim it as my own. This mom made a little canvas hand print for each child on their birthday and used them as decoration. Her children were older and she had a great collection of hand prints throughout their lives. What a great way to see them grow! So I have decided to steal it. Here is how it turned out for The Child's 2nd birthday hand print.

Cute right?! I was very excited. Here is my dilemma and I need the advice of those more crafty than myself. I want to put her name and age of the canvas, but I'm wondering if I should put it on the front, or the back. I like the idea of being able to see the ages from the front side but wonder if it will distract from the cuteness of the hand print. So that's where I've left it, no name or age as of yet.

Last night The Man and I went to the store and for some unknown reason, he was in a mood willing to buy window treatments and rods and even a few pillows! So now we have window treatments in the living room. It really is a miracle; the first time in our married, home-owning lives that we've had actual window treatments. They still look a little funny from being folded up in the package for who knows how long, so I'll post pictures once the wrinkles fall out a little more. Or, you can come over and see them! I never get visitors, so come on by!


Pond Family said...

I would but info on the back.. I love things just plan and simple..I found your blog on ambers so I added it to mine. Its fun to see what everyone is up to

take care love jocie

Rachel said...

Way to go Martha Stewart. I love it! I would say the info should go on the back. Because The Child knows her name right?

I am going to have to walk by your house and check out the front windows. And I will try very hard not to covet hanging window treatments.

Nicole said...

What a cute idea. I think the name and age would be cute on the front. You could even go buy some of those rub on vinyl lettering from a scrapbook store. Making Memories has some cute ones. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the sweet comments.