Thursday, July 24, 2008

SAHM: sort-of

Today I had the day off work. It has been a really nice day. The kind of day that makes me think "Maybe I should be a stay-at-home-mom". The Child and I slept in a little at got up at 8:00. I loaded her into the stroller and went for a walk; man, am I out of shape! When we got home, I did some stretching while she played. Then we had breakfast and unloaded the dishwasher.

Since I had to get some stuff done online I turned on the TV for her while and I did my stuff. After, she decided she wanted to go outside. We went to the backyard and she ran around for a bit while I did some weeding. Next, we came inside and had some lunch. Then, nap time. She went down very well, which is always a good thing.

While she napped I worked on some jewelry and finished my fall collection (coming to the website soon!) When she got up we vacuumed the house. She recently got a little toy vacuum and loves it- thanks sis. She pushed her little one right next to me while I pushed the big one. After we had a snack of peanut butter crackers and fruit snacks. The Child decided she wanted to color so she was doing that while I was checking in on some my favorite blogs. There is a fly in our house (annoying!) and she's a little freaked out by it.

So that's my day thus far. It has been really quite enjoyable and makes me think that someday when it's feasible this stay-at-home-mom thing could be pretty nice. Then I might have time to do all the projects that I never do now.

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