Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bad Parenting at it's Finest

I'm home early today (since I'm between jobs) and what am I doing? Blog stalking, well, blog catching-up really. Reading great stories about adopting kids and answers to questions we are all dying to know. What is The Child doing while I do my reading?

Well, for a while she was playing with stickers. They are great. She was putting stickers on my arms, taking them off, moving them around, then throwing them away. Once she got tired of this, she found her bubbles and actually blew a few on her own. After that got boring she found my car keys and had a good time pushing the buttons on the fab. When she opened the back door I had to take notice and reprimand her, but got back to my blogging. Now she is climbing up and down on the kitchen chairs calling "Mommy? Mommy?" while I answer with nothing more than "Yes?"

I suppose I should tear myself away from the computer long enough to feed both of us. Where is Dad in all this? He went to InstaCare for the illness that has lasted for two weeks. At least he finally went. When I asked him if he wanted me to come, he told me "No, not really." He just texted to say he is only allowed to see the Dr. for one of his ailments and has to choose between the fatigue, nausea, and no appetite illness and the freakishly dislocated-looking knee. What is with that?! I told him to just ask the Dr about both anyway. Sneak in an extra question for the Dr during the 2 minute visit with him.

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