Friday, October 3, 2008


We have decided at our house we are no longer having bangs. By which, I of course mean we are growing out BGs bangs. I remember the process of growing out my bangs as a long and painful one. I recall my mother fighting the concept for as long as possible because she thought it would be too difficult. I remember growing out my "side bangs" was torture. (Was that a horrible 80's thing or just in my family?) Essentially the bit of hair closest to my ear was cut short like a boy's so I had nothing the tuck behind my ear. Ewwww Just thinking about it reminds me of mullets, butch cuts, and all other bad 80's hairstyles. Double ewwww, and my sister and I both had perms! I'll have to see if I can find a picture of my sis and I with our *hot* 80's do's.

BGs bangs have hit the point, yet again, where they need to be trimmed or let them grow out. This time we'll try the second option. I had never planned on her having bangs in the first place. But her darn hair falls forward and it was always in her eyes so I caved and cut bangs. So far, the process hasn't been too bad. We put her hair in a ponytail of some sort every day. That's not so unusually from our normal routine anyway. It does limit a bit what we can do. For example, it I want a full ponytail, I have to do two. One little one on top to keep her bangs back and the big normal one. On the days she won't sit still long enough for two ponytails, we are limited. I did get out one of her baby barrettes the other day and those actually work well for holding bangs back.

How long will it take to grow her bangs out the the length of her other hair? It took two years for her hair to get to where it is now. That is a lot of ponytails. I'm starting to see why my mother dreaded the 'growing out of the bangs', and even more the great logic behind never cutting bangs in the first place.

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