Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Post #100!

It took a year to get to 100, but I made it! In blogger tradition, here is a list of 100 things you may, or may not know about me and my little family. Ok, mostly about me.

1. I have an irrational fear of driving behind any truck/vehicle with something sticking out of it's bed. I am afraid of it falling out and impaling me. Same goes for things attached to the top.
2. I have been know to faint while giving blood and sometime when getting shots.
3. The man has traveled to Brazil, Europe, and Japan for business within the last year.
4. I have stayed home with BG during each of those trips.
5. I have been growing my hair out for the last year.
6. I am thinking about cutting my hair short again because it's getting unruly.
7. I think Jon Stewart is kind of sexy.
8. BG's favorite song is "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
9. Runner up favorites are "ABCs" and "Hello".
10. BG's new favorite lovey is her pink bear and she can hardly go anywhere without it.
11. The tomatoes in our garden have taken over all the other plants and we're afraid of they morphing into "Killer Tomatoes".
12. The Man planted popcorn kernels in our garden and they actually grew.
13. The corn from said seeds don't have too much promise. Small kernels spread far apart.
14. I have visited the Farmer's Market almost weekly since it opened to buy produce. Yum!
15. BG loves dinosaurs.
16. The Man and I will have our 6 year anniversary this month.
17. I don't like my job.
18. I just bought a new giraffe print handbag and LOVE it!
19. I have recently become a news junkie and check far more than anyone should.
20. The first day I wore my newest cute, blue heels, I tripped on them and fell down the stairs at work. (Only one or two stairs, no injuries except my pride.)
21. I have never traveled beyond the North American continent.
22. I love jackets.
23. I have been searching for the perfect beige trench coat since I didn't buy the one I loved at Banana Republic several years ago.
24. I am always drawn to skirts while shopping but rarely wear them.
25. I drink lots of water.
26. I am addicted to chapstick and carry it with me at all times.
27. BG didn't walk until she was 17 months old.
28. Up until walking, BG's method of movement was scooting on her bottom.
29. After BG burbs, she says "Thank you burb".
30. BG has started asking "You ok Mommy/Daddy?" when we get upset or frustrated.
31. BG loves all dogs but especially Moab, my parent's pooch.
32. The Man comes home with blisters from Foosball at work.
33. The Man has taken up running and is really enjoying it.
34. Our favorite Italian restaurant is Carrabba's. Yum!
35. My man is a brownie over cookie kind of guy.
36. BG loves yellow buses (school buses) and points them out on the road.
37. Last summer was the first time I had ever had a pedicure. (criminal, I know!)
38. I love designing and making jewelry.
39. The Man is a self-taught web programmer.
40. We used to have a German Shepard named Tunza.
41. My FIL called our dog Tumor.
42. Our family loves Pixar movies.
43. I love watching Project Runway.
44. I was giddy with excitement over the return of The Office this season.
45. I go the church (almost) every week.
46. The Man has never been to Disneyland.
47. I'm not a great cook but I try to make nutritious meals for my family.
48. I rarely will consider a recipe if it takes more than 30 minutes to prepare.
49. Our family doesn't eat much meat. Mostly because it takes longer to prepare.
50. I've hit the half-way point of my list!
51. I love candy corn.
52. BG loves The Backyardigans.
53. Even though I was raised near the rocky mountains, I don't ski or board.
54. I don't really like winter much at all.
55. The Man has staples in his knee from a past surgery.
56. We make a mean guacamole.
57. I had braces twice.
58. I was a dancer growing up.
59. I am a huge advocate of reading.
60. I rarely read myself.
61. I teach primary (5-6 year olds) at church.
62. BG likes to count things.
63. BG has just recently been counting correctly, with all the numbers between 1-10.
64. I have been studying for the GMAT 5 days a week since the first of Sept.
65. I used to be a nail biter.
66. I enjoy scrapbooking.
67. I'm really "thrifty" (aka cheap) and refuse to buy most things full price.
68. I already have all of BG's summer wardrobe for next summer - bought on sale in the past few weeks.
69. I don't like most fish, but I do like good fish.
70. BG gives the best hugs and kisses.
71. She also likes high fives and knuckles.
72. I have no middle name.
73. Fall is my favorite season.
74. I love Italian food.
75. I don't eat pork.
76. The Man is a great shopping partner - when he's in the right mood.
77. I love mint chocolate chip ice cream.
78. I frequently have violent dreams.
79. The Man and I met in a rat research lab.
80. We have 3 college degrees between the two of us.
81. BG loves to color.
82. I'm not sure what I want to be when I grow up.
83. The Man is not so into sports (which makes me happy).
84. The Man has an uncanny ability to links obscure actors to all the roles they have played.
85. I quickly forget books after I read them.
86. BG is working on potty training.
87. When asked what she wants for dinner, BG always says Pizza.
88. The Man drove my (at the time) ideal car when we first started dating, a 1997 Honda Civic Ex.
89. I took his hat after our first date and he wasn't sure he would ever see it again.
90. I also took his graduation ring shortly after we started dated. He was also concerned about not getting that back.
91. He got both back; we have lost the hat but still have the ring.
92. The first time I met his family is was at a graduation picnic for him and we played baseball.
93. The first time he met my family was the day after our first date at my brother's mission homecoming party.
94. The man is a workaholic... I mean a hard worker.
95. The man has lost 50 lbs in the last year. Great job!
96. I don't weight myself.
97. Sometimes I love BG best when she is sleeping.
98. We have a moth problem at our house and it really annoys me.
100. I love my family and look forward to a great future!

Wow! Some of those could be a post in and of themselves. Maybe I'll pull from this list when I can't think of anything to write.


The Mac's said...

OK I was suprised how many of those things I already knew about you. You would think we have been friends for like 15 years (wow we are getting old). Avery is also a bum scooter and we love it! She is so much faster scooting on her bum then the other kids that are crawling. I have a cute video I should post of her doing it. Love ya

Julie and Carlos said...

Hey that first pedicure was with me and they did a crappy job! You need to come out again and we'll find a better salon.