Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great Weekend

We had a great weekend. Friday I got off work early and when I got home, The Man was already there. Apparently he hadn't been feeling well and worked most the day from home. But he was feeling better so we strapped BG into the stroller and walked over to the Scarecrow Festival happening just down the street.

There were helicopter rides and BG loved seeing the helicopters. She points them out in the sky and know the difference between that and an airplane. Good think she didn't realize you could take a ride, otherwise we would have been in trouble. We walked around the activities and visited the petting zoo. Then we walked home, had some dinner and relaxed.

Saturday was a busy day but a fun one. I got up and went to Super Saturday and made some fun crafts. One of the things I bought was FHE packets complete with stories, pictures, etc. I sat down to color the pictures only to realize that coloring is not as fun when you are an adult. I remember loving to color.

After Super Sat, I came home and got us all ready to go for the day. We took BG to Grandma's house so The Man and I could have some time together. We went to the Utah football game and had a great time. Utah won by a landslide, which is always a good thing! It was a lot of fun being back on campus with the memories. After the game, (which was a really short game, only 3 hours) we went to a movie. We saw Eagle Eye. It was ok. I was glad we only paid for matinee priced tickets. We went back to Grandma's to pick up BG and went home.

It was a busy day but it was so nice to spend some time with my sweety. After being gone for so long, it was a much needed day out together. Thanks so much Grandma for taking BG! I know she had a great time with Grandma because 1-She always does and 2-she asked to go back to Grandma's house first thing this morning. Now I just have to finish the laundry and housework that didn't get done. Such is the price for a fun outing-filled weekend.

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Julie and Carlos said...

Why do you think mom always had us color her church pictures for her when we were younger??