Monday, October 13, 2008

Parental Note-to-Self

Making cookies for FHE is a lot of fun.
Eating homemade cookies is delicious.
As the mom, I'm allowed more than one, two, three, or more cookies.
As the mom, I should not allow BG more than one cookie.
But since I let her have two, I should expect it to impact bedtime, complete with eating as slowly as possible then throwing a tantrum over every minute detail of the bedtime routine.

I tried to talk her into giving the second cookies back to me to save it for tomorrow. It didn't work. She wasn't about to give up her cookie.

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Jay and Michelle Teerlink said...

I've done that before with Kaden. When I make cookies, about every eight days when Jay is on duty, I make sure that Kaden has his last cookie about 3-4 hours (at least) before bed time. Usually he only will only get one at lunch time and then it is just him simply being Kaden at bed time and the usual battle begins.