Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Memories

In all the prep that is going on to make Halloween great for BG, I was thinking about Halloween memories from my childhood. Mom always made us eat dinner before we went trick-or-treating. A good rule that is hated by children everywhere. As we got older, she would be yelling at us from the kitchen to come eat as we walked out the door. I have vague memories of chili for dinner, but that just be one particular year, and not a tradition.

I remember the Talking Pumpkin for many years. My dad rigged a speaker system to the family's carved pumpkin and it would "talk" to visitors as they came up to our house. It was pretty funny to leave the bowl of candy out then give the teenagers a scare when they tried to take all of it. We thought that pumpkin was the greatest, magic thing EVER! Dad was nicer to the little kids who talking to it.

For many years we dressed up in family themes and the dog was always part of the fun. Big bad wolf, cowardly lion, etc...

My mom didn't have a maximum age for trick-or-treating (like some families) so I went with friends through high school. I think after a point, we realized watching scary movies with boys was more fun.

Now I'm excited to create some great memories for BG at Halloween. This will be a fun year because she gets it much better. Oh, and she can actually walk. That helps with the trick-or-treating. What fun Halloween memories do you have?


Julie and Carlos said...

Oh my gosh what great memories! I totally loved the talking pumpkin and hated having to eat a healthy meal when we just wanted to leave!
BTW, the newly walking phase is actually not always condusive to trick or treating... because it means walking a mile a minute towards houses and then either running away, or being carried away because the snatchy motorized hand in the candy bowl scared them. We ended up carrying Taylor for almost 2 hours straight last year. This year - hello stroller.

Meredith & Company said...

I can't believe I don't have costumes for my dogs! Dang! I'll have to work on that for next year.

Can't wait to see your little puppy tonight. Hope she makes it all the way over to our little corner of the world!