Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I was so excited for Halloween. I love the cute, kid-friendly parts of Halloween. (Not so much the scary, gory parts.) I had prepped BG and we had practiced what to say when the neighbors opened their doors. She says a pretty cute "trick or treat!"

She had a really fun time. She asked to go to the next house and usually remembered to say thank you. She was a little confused why we were only going to the houses with lights on. She carried her candy bag the whole way all by herself. were only a few time that I had to carry her. She is really into counting and counted all the pumpkins on everyone's proches. There Dad stayed behind to hand out candy to the other kids and he even confided to me this morning that he actually enjoyed it this year.
On the porch with our pumpkins. I have pictures of carving the pumpkin but haven't made it that far in the blogging world. I'll try and get those posted. BG loved that too.
BG was a dog. Her costume made it so she couldn't really turn her head. I don't have many pictures of her smiling. I think that is because when she smiled, the fur got in her mouth.
Checking out the stash. I decided to draw on some whiskers at the last minute and am glad I did. I think they turned out cute. She got to eat half a sucker last night and had the rest this morning. Mom ate a few pieces of her candy. We had a great time!

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