Thursday, November 6, 2008

Product Review

On a recent shopping trip I bought some of these flannel lines pants from J Crew. Can I just say, they are AMAZING! I live in a cold and wintery part of the world and am always cold. From about Nov to March I am complaining that it is too cold. I hate that my muscles clench up and my fingers are numb.

These pants are one step in the other direction. I tried them out yesterday (first snow of the season) and they worked beautifully! They are fuzzy warm, like you are wearing a blanket under your pants. I think I need 4 more pairs so I can wear them every workday of the week.

You can find them on the J Crew site, but I bought them at the outlet store for a lot less. These pants almost make winter something to look forward to. Almost...


Meredith & Company said...

I have wondered when they would make these in grown-up sizes. Leave it to J Crew. I've been buying the OshKosh version for my kids every year of their lives and I always wonder why I can't have a pair. I'll be heading up to the outlets shortly...Thanks for the tip!

Jessica K. said...

I'm getting some.