Friday, November 21, 2008


Ok, these pictures are really old, but I wanted to finally post them anyway. We got our first real snow of the year on Nov. 5. The roads were horrible so we opted to stay home and build a snowman instead. Only here can you build a snowman when your pumpkins are still on the porch!
I had to bribe her to kiss the snowman, but it made for a cute picture.
This is BG "helping". No, she isn't putting the smile on the snowman, she is eating the raisins that make the smile. The snowman ended up looking pretty unique with only half a smile.


Erin said...

I love that kissing the snowman picture. And her hat is so cute!

ukyankoz said...

That is adorable! I love the eating raisins photo, she's so cute!

Julie and Carlos said...

Oh my gosh how cute! By the way ... who won? Utes or Cougars? I want to know if I should bring it up at Thanksgiving.

Jessica said...

Gooooo UTES!! We won 48-24. Haha Cougars. Dad was a nice loser and called to congratulate us.