Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Welcome Obama!

His mantra was change, We Can Change.
And we have.

Congratulations to Barack Obama! He did amazing things in the election. This election had an 11% increase in voter turn out over last presidential election. That's impressive. He inspired young voters, a traditionally hard-to-reach population. He proved that our vote does count. We have been watching the election coverage all night and we are celebrating at my house.

I was really impressed with McCain's speech tonight. He was incredible gracious, and kind. Good for him.

I am so grateful to live in this great country where we can vote. We have the great ability and responsibility to get involved and let our voice be heard. We have tried to tell BG about the importance of voting. Earlier tonight I had the following conversation with her on the way home.

Me: I am going to take you home and you will stay with Daddy while Mommy goes to vote.
BG: I come too.
Me: You want to come vote?
BG: BG vote too.
Me: Ok. Who are you voting for? John or Barack?
BG: Ba-wok
Me: You want to vote for Barack?
BG: Vote Big wok.
BG: -pause-
BG: And little wok.
BG: Two woks!

I hope as a country we can now unite for the better of everyone. No matter what, Barack and his administration are in need of our prayers as they lead this great nation.

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