Friday, November 7, 2008

Preparing to Disappear

Just a heads up to my two blogging fans, I will be dropping off the face of the earth. Not by choice really. More out of necessity.

Last night was the third, and worse, sick night for BG. She slept in Mommy's bed coughing and spewing germ-infested saliva 2 inches from my face all. night. long. So I fully expect to be near death's door in 24-48 hours. Poor little thing.

The Man took the day off work and took her to the doctor. The Doc said she is sick. He suspects it may be croup and in addition to the honey we have been giving her, recommends bundling her up and taking her outside into the freezing cold to help her breathing. He kindly informed us that we can do this as often as every half hour throughout the night. Should be fun. I think I'll try the running hot shower approach first. Why not waste water during all the fun?

So, I will be managing a sick, sleep-deprived toddler while trying to stave off the infection myself and packing my husband for his business trip. Oh yeah, did I mention I get to do all this by myself. It should be a fun weekend. If you know some teenagers that need firsthand experience with birth control, feel free to send them my way! I'm sure after this weekend at my house, they will think twice about their own weekend plans.

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Carlos said...

We've done this same thing every year for the last 3 years with 3 trips to the hospital. Have your doctor give you a prescription for Orapred, that will help immensley, much more then the cold air will. If you see her chest really working hard to breath, take her to the ER, they'll give her a steriod shot and have her breath medicated mist, if it gets that bad. We're pros at croup so don't feel like your the only one!