Monday, April 6, 2009

Planting Trees

We planted new trees in our backyard about three weeks ago and I have been meaning to post pictures. We are so excited to have some trees that will eventually provide us with fruit. Even though we won't get fruit for several years, I am so excited for it! We planted 2 apples and 2 peach trees.

BG had a great time helping. She even got to use her very own shovel, which she loved. She loved digging in the dirt with Daddy. We found a worm and she thought that was the greatest thing ever. We decided to let it live next to our tree in the dirt.

Helping Daddy dig up the "dirt". Our soil is really more like hardened clay. We mixed it up with Nutra-mulch to help the trees put in roots.
BG did a great job helping mix up the soil.

My hunky man working outside.

BG helping fill in the hole after planting the tree.
I didn't realize what hard work it is to plant a tree! Even though the basic steps are: Dig hole, Put in tree, Fill hole, it's not easy. Or maybe I am just horribly out of shape. Or maybe the local soil just really sucks. Whatever the reason, it was a workout for me and I was sore the next day.
We have been trying to get our garden cut out for a few weeks now but the weather and our schedule are not lining up. Hopefully we can get that done soon.


Kristina P. said...

What kind of fruit trees did you plant?

rychelle said...

mmmmmm.....apples and peaches......i wish we could grow fruit trees here.......

Riddle Girl said...

You are not out of shape...Our soil stinks.
Our apple tree puts forth a little fruit each year. But our "shade" tree is still a pathetic looking stick in the backyard.
Sounds like you took more steps than we did. So you will be more fruitful!!!