Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Wedding

The real reason we went to CA was to see my little brother get married. We just went down a few days early to do Disney. Friday was the wedding and it was beautiful. They got married in the LA Temple and it was lovely. The bride looked relaxed and calm. My bro looked serious, like he was trying hard to remember every word that was being spoken.

We waited for them to come out of the temple and took lots of pictures. Not so much with my camera, since I only have a few pictures of the happy couple.

The reception was held at a beautiful home later that evening. It. was. cold. Not the weather you would expect for an April wedding in Southern CA. All the little cousins were there and BG had a great time running around with the boys. They found a ladybug and spend lots of time watching it. Taylor decided he wanted to "Defeat it" by stepping on it. BG was good and tired by then end of it!
BG loved the dancing and got turns with Mommy, Daddy, and Papa.
Congratulations J&R! They are now on their honeymoon cruise to Mexico San Diego thanks to Swine Flu.


Kristina P. said...

They look so happy and beautiful!

Jillene said...

Aaaawwww....congrats to your brother!!

Brittany Marie said...

Beautiful! Congrats to them!

PS: My family is currently in Cabo (they left before the Swine Flu story broke) and they are supposed to come back on Saturday. (I'm kinda worried!)
I'm also sorry their honeymoon trip plans were changed! Stupid Mexico.

Christina said...

Hope you are having fun in CA. Yep, I think skipping on Mexico would be my choice too. Good to "meet" you over at our blog.

rychelle said...

what a beautiful couple.

boo for swine flu.