Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday

Today's Work for Me Wednesday is Backwards day. So I get to ask you a question and you can give me your answer.

We are going to Disneyland in April. We will be there for two days. In an effort to cut down on food costs, we will be eating breakfast at the hotel, packing a lunch and snacks and only eating out for dinner. I've heard there are a lot of great places to eat at Disney but you need a reservation. So tell me, where is the best place to eat so I can get my reservations before we go. I need something toddler friendly (I'm assuming anything at Disney will be, but you never know) but still adult-tasty. We don't want to pay more than $15-20/plate. Where would you eat?

On a side note, who forgot to send the memo that winter should be OVER! It's a blizzard here and I'm sick of it.


Riddle Girl said...

Here are my recommendations:
Do Not eat at Ariel's Grotto...The princess experience is fun for the kids, but the food is terrible and expensive.
No reservations required:
We like the Bengal BBQ. It has Kabobs of veggies, beef, chicken and more. ($5/kabob)
If you like Clam Chowder there is a little window near the Haunted Mansion that serves it in Sourdough bowls. YUMMY!

We have gone to the Blue Bayou Restraunt and the food is pretty good, but pricey. Not sure how BG would like the dark atmosphere since it is right along the Pirates ride.

Decent food and fun atmosphere is in Downtown Disney area at the Rainforest Cafe. (Similar to The Mayan but no divers. Although they do have animated animals throughout.)

It will be fun to see what other people put as their favorites. Maybe we will try them in September.

And, Amen to the snow. Go away already.

Carlos said...

Don't worry about it, you'll be with us, we know all the good places. It's not like we go 2-3 time a month er something.

rychelle said...

i would recommend the story book cafe, right inside the ca adventure hotel.

blue bayou was terribly over priced, and the food was mediocre, in my opinion.

carnation cafe, on main street is also nice. (and they take reservations)

how fun! wish i was going.

Mary @ Giving Up On Perfect said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) I've never been to Disneyland, although my husband and I are going to Orlando this summer. We're saving Disney World for a few years down the road after our daughter is potty trained. I hope your trip is GREAT!

Lee said...

Carnation Cafe is good.
Goofy's Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel is pricey, but a great meal. Huge buffet with both kids and adult food. Only thing is with so many characters and fun going on it's hard to stay in your seat and eat much. Hubby and I ate a lot, but it was very pricey for how much we were able to get our three year old to eat.
Bengal BBQ is great.
The Mexican restraunt near Thunder Mtn. was over priced.
The Clam Chowder bread bowls are a favorite and we go there everytime.
I hear the New Orleans square restaurants are good, but I haven't experienced them yet.
The vineyard restaurant in Disney's Ca was really good. Expensive, but worth it.
Oh, and save room for a sweet treat of pineapple slush near the Tiki Room. One of my favorites.

Julie and Carlos said...

Ooh yes, - the pinaeapple sorbet at the tiki room is awesome. I would just recommend going to every restaurant and wait for people to leave their half eaten food on the tables and dig in. That way you can get a sampling of everything Disney has to offer.....