Thursday, April 23, 2009

Men Just Don't Get It

I have been on a home decorating kick for a while now. Proof located here, here and here. I have recently collected a series of items that are awaiting their fate with a can of spray paint. I am waiting until JM goes on his next business trip so I can paint everything in sight, paint all the things he doesn't want me to have the time to work on my projects. He just doesn't get why I want to do these things.

The current list of things waiting to be spray painted include:

  • The picture frame holding this project
  • A little lamp I bought at DI
  • The toddler bed I bought for BG
  • A dresser I bought to go in BG's big-girl room

I really should complain too much. When JM did a run to Home Depot last weekend, he willing bought me a large, heavy duty drop cloth for the express purpose of using for a backdrop for these projects. Funny thing, he doesn't want the garage wall an abstract artistic expression of my overshot paint.

But on some things, he just drives me crazy. Not only am I trying to make our home more cosy and inviting, I am working really hard to do it on a budget. Sometimes it annoys me that he has veto power (no fear, veto power works both ways at our house). For example, I showed him this great idea for our laundry room.

I excitedly said "Look! She (Thrifty Decor Chick) had the same ugly shelf in her laundry room that we have and I hate. See how she changed it and it looks So Good! And it was easy. Just some painted wood and pretty brackets with a few baskets and cheap art. We could do that!" He responded, "Yeah, it does look nice but there are other things higher on the priority list." Curse the priority list. I want it now.

I also showed him this idea to frame large bathroom mirrors. Since I saw this on Southern Hospitality, I have been wanting to do it. After telling me he didn't love the look of it (What?!), he asked me what color I was thinking. I told him I would want to match the bathroom cabinets - which means wood tone or black since i want to paint the cabinets black. He said the project used a trim piece so it should match the existing trim (white). I said white would look stupid which is when he said "Exactly my point." Aaaggg... Can't you just not care and say "Yes Dear!" when I ask for something?!


Ellis Family said...

Sometimes you just have to do things without asking. Get forgiveness later. Except usually "the man" actually likes things once it's been done, or at least mine is. Guess I'm lucky!

Kris said...

Alright, spill it... did you write these posts ahead of time and schedule them to keep me interested? Really? Because I have a sneaking suspicion that home improvements, however interesting, are maybe not your top blogging priority right now. :)

Jessica G. said...

I feel your pain, sister! My hubby is the same way, which is why - up until recently - the one rooms in our house that got paint were the kids room, which I up and painted without really consulting him. What's he gonna do? Paint over it? hehehehehe

ukyankoz said...

I agree with the 'ask for forgiveness instead of permission' tactic. It might be playing a bit dirty, but in the grand scheme of things, you have to give birth, the least he can do is let you paint a bit...

Emilee said...

I feel your pain. I have many projects in my head that are waiting for funds--yesterday's news didn't help our situation too much :(