Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Birth Day

Some women seem to know if their baby will arrive early, late, or right on cue. With BG I had no idea. This time around, I think Blanche might come early. I have been having contractions for several weeks now. My contractions are neither regular nor frequent, but I get them a few times a week. My mom says that means my labor will go quickly. I keep telling Blanche that she cannot come until after the new year.

I have another Dr appointment tomorrow. With this one I will start going every two weeks instead of monthly. When I told JM last night I was excited to go to the doctor this week, he laughed and told me it sounded strange. I do find going comforting. I like hearing her heartbeat and being reassured that everything is going smoothly. I tend to worry otherwise (even without cause).


Mary said...

I totally understand worrying without cause...I hope all goes well & you get to hear her strong little heart beat :o)

ukyankoz said...

I'm so excited for Blanche to come - after the new year! :)

Anonymous said...

I think every mother-to-be looks forward to their OB visits.