Thursday, September 3, 2009

Buddy or Princess

We have our ultrasound scheduled for next week. In addition to making sure the baby is healthy, has a working heart, two kidneys and so on, we also (hopefully) get to find out the gender. I'm all for finding out. I'm a planner and need to know. I also know from experience, it will help me bond with the baby better if I know what gender it is.

I don't have any strong inclination on the gender of this baby. When I was pregnant with BG, I was positive she was a boy. When I found out she was a girl, I cried. And not tears of joy. It took me a while to adjust to the idea of having a girl. Now I love having a girl and think it would be fun to have another. JM would like a boy. I will be happy either way. So what do you think? Vote on my poll and I'll let you know next week who is right. *Did I mention that everyone I know who is pregnant right now is having a girl?*


Kristina P. said...

I would be so with you. I've always thought I would have a lot of boys and it would be an adjustment to having a girl.

Hey, I don't know if you want to participate in my giveaway or not, but I would be happy to have you. You have some beautiful jewelry and I would love to help you advertise!

MommyBrain said...

I voted boy ... mainly because I am having a girl, and I thought it would be more fun to hear that you're having a boy! Can't wait to hear the news. And I know how great it will be to finally see that little nugget!

CJ Sime said...

No clue, but I am so happy you are finding out. I really just don't get those who "want to be surprised." Isn't the surprise of how your body doesn't "spring back" a big enough surprise? Good luck!!!