Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Birthday Pictures

I remembered the other reason posting pictures is difficult. Neither of the two grandmas remembered their cameras. I pulled out my video/still camera. After taking a few pictures, the battery on my camera died. BG opened half her presents before JM has the idea to go get our other camera while the battery for the video camera charged.

So now the first five pictures were taken on the SD card. I had an SD card slot in my laptop making it really easy to upload pictures. The card for the other camera is I-don't-know-what-it's-called kind of card. But it's bigger and doesn't have a slot in my laptop. In order to upload pictures I have to get out the little converter thingy with the cord and the hassle. Plus, that little converter thingy is missing. I don't want to ask JM where it might be because I"m pretty sure I'm the one to misplace it.

So here is the one and only semi-decent picture I got on the SD card. In all the others BG is either making a funny face or looking away. So with that lengthy explanation, here is the picture.

I know. Even this one is kind of blurry and not great. Do you see my dilemma?!

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