Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Money to Burn

I had the following conversation with BG this morning as we were driving to work/school.

BG: Mommy, you want an airplane?
Me: No. I actually don't want an airplane. (I don't like flying.) But I know Daddy would really like an airplane.
BG: Gramma buy Daddy airplane?
Me: I think if Grandma was buying anyone an airplane, it would be for Papa.
BG:I buy airplane for Daddy.
Me: Airplanes cost a lot of money. Do you have a lot of money?
BG: My Daddy has a lot of money.
Me: (trying to stifle the laughter)
BG: I buy airplane for Daddy and Papa.
Me: Well, you are just buying airplanes for everyone.
BG: Not everyone. Just Daddy and Papa.

There you have it. Someday when she wonders why her parents can't afford college, I'll let her know it was due to her own generous gifts to others.


Kristina P. said...

Airplanes are much cooler than a college education.

rychelle said...

could you please talk her into buying rychelle an airplane?