Monday, July 13, 2009

Blog Lunch is great!

On Saturday I met up with some great bloggers for a yummy lunch. I was in desperate need of a girls day out without the kiddo and this filled that need perfectly!

I met up with lots of bloggers and it was really fun to put faces with names. Since I didn't bring my own camera, go visit Erin for the photo of all in attendance.

In addition to yummy lunch and great company, I did a little shopping afterwards. That's right. I hit the Old Navy summer sale and picked up a few things just for me. It was so different to be shopping on my own and being able try on clothes without constantly looking to see where BG had run off to.

On another note, this morning I took in revised menus to school along with bags of food for substitutions. Can you believe that on the same day, the kids are eating chicken nuggets, french fries, and Oreos? Needless to say, most of those items got crossed off the list and BG will be eating carrots or strawberries instead. We're going to have to have a chat since I'm nervous she will feel left out at meal/snack time. But I do feel more in control about what she will be eating. Now I'm working on the other side of things and looking into what the regulations actually are.


Kristina P. said...

Jessica, it was so great to meet you! You are completely adorable and fun.

I'm glad you had some much needed alone time!

Erin said...

It was very fun to sit next to you and visit with you! And you need to get a picture up on your blog because you are so pretty!

How fun to go shopping too. And that has to be frustrating about the food issue at school. Ugh.

Jillene said...

I LOVED meeting you Jessica!! I had a great time talking to you and getting to know you better!!

ukyankoz said...

*pout* I met her first, she's MY FRIEND! :)

Chicken nuggets, french fries and Oreos at school?? WTH?