Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fragments

I had to work late last night so I haven't watched Project Runway yet. You'll get my full report later this weekend.

JM is running his first half marathon tomorrow, two hours north of home. He has been training for a year to do this and is really excited. He was going to run one in April but got injured right before it.

We are staying in a hotel tonight in preparation for the marathon. I was hoping to take BG swimming. When I tried on my swimsuit this morning, it was not such a pretty site, being large and pregnant and all. Does that mean I'm giving up swimming? Nope, just means others will have to advert their eyes (and I'm hoping we are the only ones at the pool).

My clothes are in a constant state of mis-fit. Today I'm wearing new maternity pants that refuse to stay up. I intentionally bought them a little large because we all know I'm just getting bigger. Tomorrow's outfit consists of shorts that are now too small and I can't button. I'm really not trying to look so disheveled, my body is just in a constant state of flux for the next year.


Kristina P. said...

I think you will especially love PR. They have to design for pregnant women!

MommyBrain said...

Oh! I hear ya, sister! Nothing fits right these days, and it is so frustrating. I have a pair of capris that I constantly hike up. A white skirt that I adore - it's not even maternity but the waistband is awesome - too bad Labor Day is right around the corner! And none of the maternity jeans fit comfortably - they all hit me at the wrong place and I just can't stand it!

As for the bathing suit ... I bought a tankini at the beginning of the summer ... and now my baby bump sticks out the bottom - hee, hee :)

rychelle said...

sadly, i have a pair of shorts i can't button, but it's not 'cause i'm pregnant. :(