Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Retreat = Fabulous

About a week ago JM and I took a wonderful, much needed retreat. We dropped BG off at Grandma's house (thanks mom!) and headed off to a day just for two.

We started out by checking into our Bed and Breakfast, the Castle Creek Inn. It was fun little place the came recommended by a friend (thanks Jilene!) It's a cute little castle right off main road but still tucked into the mountains. After checking in, we headed out to dinner at Tsunami for sushi. This is one of our favorite sushi places. They have three locations and we've eaten at all of them - all delicious. Dinner was fabulous and the conversation didn't once include directions to "Sit on your chair or you're going on time out." Ahhhh, heaven. At dinner I had a fabulous realization - I like my husband! Not that I didn't know that before but it had been so long since we had a night out with just the two of us, I have almost forgotten we enjoy each other's company.

After dinner we walked around the little complex and picked up dessert at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Yum!) and did a little shopping. We headed back to the B&B and went to bed. (They had a great selection of movies but we were too pooped to even watch one.)

The next morning we woke up and enjoyed the large tub in our room before heading down to breakfast. Breakfast came with an appetizer of fresh fruit and chocolate dipped strawberries. We had the choice of two entrees and got one of each. My honey was kind enough to trade me when I liked his better than mine. After checking out of our room we heading to the spa for a couples massage.

We got there and put on their fancy robes and plastic slippers. We were taken to a couples rooms where we got foot scrubs before our massages. After a heavenly hour of being rubbed by a man who has now seen more of me than most people on this planet, they turned on their large and very deep tub to a couple's soak. They brought of a tray of snacks, told us what time we needed to exit the room and let us enjoy.

It was again so nice to sit and talk with my honey. I even got him to admit how nice and relaxing the whole trip has been and that we should do this more often (No, the admission didn't require any arm twisting). He, who has always been weirded out by massages, agreed it was fabulous and we need to start budgeting for them more regularly.

We left and went to our separate dressing rooms. He sat in the sauna for a while while I showered using fancy spa products. They even had a blow dryer and an assortment of hair products for use. It was fantastic. After the spa we went to lunch before heading home.

Since we hadn't been relaxing enough, we took a nap and watched a movie before we begrudgingly went to pick up BG from Grandma's house. It was such a nice retreat and I'm so glad we gave it to ourselves. It also made us both realize we need to take more time to have just us dates. So if anyone wants to swap babysitting, please let me know!


Jillene said...

I am glad that you had such a great time. The Caastle Creek Inn is one of my favs!!

MommyBrain said...

It's official, I need a retreat! Perhaps a babymoon is in order between now and December?

rychelle said...

sounds de-lightful!

Kristina P. said...

What an amazing get away. I think I need to have one with my husband!

ukyankoz said...

That sounds amaaaazing!! I'm so glad you guys had a great time!

The Boob Nazi said...

I need to do this by myself ASAP.