Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway

Last night I got home and immediately checked my DVR to make sure PR was going to be recorded. Good thing I did, because it wasn't set. I set it then forgot about it while making dinner, then putting BG to bed. By about 8:20 when we finally sat down to watch, it wasn't recording. You can imagine I was less than thrilled. Instead it was set to record the rerun starting at 9:30. Since I didn't feel like waiting until 9:30 to start the show, we started watching 20 minutes in.

This being the first week, there are 16 contestants. The first thing that struck me was how many young designers there are this season. Many of them are in their mid-20s. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail on the contestants because 1- I want to get to know them better and 2- I'm too lazy to discuss all 16. I'll wait until it's been paired down a bit.

The challenge this week was to create an innovative red carpet look that showed their point of view. As expected, there were some really good ones, some really bad ones, and mostly average ones. When it came down to the final six at elimination (the top 3 and bottom 3) the looks ranged from soft & edgy to naked (seriously, it was sheer). Here is the winning dress. (Sorry the pictures are so crappy, click on them to make them bigger, or click over to the website.)

I like this dress and so did the judges. They said it did a great job at combining a hard, edgy look with a soft feminine look. I must agree. Great job designer Christopher! The next one is the losing dress. It got crazy designer Ari eliminated.

This garment (can't even call it a dress) is so far out there and so not red carpet appropriate. She looks like something from outer space and not in a good way. The judges told Ari that she has to consider the someone has to actually buy her designs to be successful. And here is the naked dress that Mitchell threw together in 30 minutes.

Why 30 minutes you ask? Well, he spend the whole first day smocking his dress only to discover it didn't fit his model when she came for the fitting. So he threw this together at the last second and it really showed. This picture makes it look far more opaque than it did on TV. I felt bad for the model.

I really thought they were going to send Mitchell home and keep Ari for her craziness and drama. In all honestly, both garments were really bad. I have no favorites are this point, but I will as things progress. Oh, and the guest judge was Lindsay Lohan. Seriously? Lindsay? I think that was in poor taste, but I'm not a fan of her in general. The best part was when one designer (who made an ugly dress) said she designed it with someone like Lindsay in mind. The camera panned to Lindsay who, you could tell, was thinking "He** no, I wouldn't wear that!"

After watching I wanted to make sure my DVR was properly set so I reviewed my list and switched up the priorities. It was then that I discovered something horrible. Now that PR is on Thursday, it lines up with other favorite shows. My DVR will only record 2 shows at a time and I watch shows on three channels that night. NNNNNnnooooooooooooO!!!!!!! So I'm going to have to choose between The Office, Grey's and PR. Sadly, I think Grey's is going to get the boot because the other two are shows JM and I watch together. So please, take pity on my and invite me to your house to watch Grey's this fall.


Riddle Girl said...

I'm so bad I thought of getting another DVR. Ours is in our bedroom so when the kids record things they have to be in our room to watch them. (Not always the safest thing to have them in there alone. They like to go through my jewlery and makeup.)
You could always just tell people that you are NEVER free on Thursdays and watch one program while the other two tape!

rychelle said...

i was afraid they would keep ari too, for the crazy factor, but i'm glad they got rid of her. there's already enough crazy to go around.

Kristina P. said...

I am currently watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but PR is next on my watching list!

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, you can always tape PR when it reruns an hour or two later. Thats what I did

Lara Harris said...

I am so rooting for Christopher!I love that he didn't go to design school and yet there he is on Project Runway!I didn't go to art school, but I am determined to still follow my dreams as well!:)

Best Life said...

I'm with anonymous. I just tape (why do I still say tape?) it two hours later so I don't miss my other shows. And I love smocking as much as the next woman, but generally I prefer it on s two year old girl. Seriously? I look forward to reading your PR updates. Fun! Lisa~

Mary said...

I watched the all star challenged that air just before the premier, and once again Korto got hosed...I love her designs & I think the judges were a little retarded in their choice.
I love Project Runway but I'm going to have to settle for watching it as a rerun since the move to Thursday. I gave up on Greys awhile ago...I love medical drama, but it was more sexual drama!