Thursday, August 6, 2009

Woman Get in the Kitchen-

And make me a pie!

Ok, so my husband has never actually said this to me. In fact, I was to one who said it. Bake at 350 is doing a fun food carnival. This month's theme was pie. A bunch of talented baker bloggers took on the challenge and baked up pies. I did not participate. However, it did make me crave pie and decide to take on the challenge of making one from those that linked up.

Since I had most of the ingredients for a mixed berry pie, I decided to use this recipe and start baking. I didn't think to buy pie crusts at the store so I had to make it from scratch (Yikes!). I started on the mammoth project at 4pm and didn't eat pie until 8:00. I started with a clean kitchen and no dishes and ended with a full load of dishes and ok, a clean kitchen (but I have to clean it up.) But yum, home baked pie.

Doesn't that look pretty! I love the crumble topping. It was crispy and sweet - perfect. I was glad I decided at the last minute to cook it on a cookie sheet because it overflowed the pie dish.

Even after letting it cool for nearly an hour, it was pretty soupy. Plating was a bit challenging. It looked more like berry cobbler, but I didn't mind. I was pretty impressed with myself for my first attempt at baking a pie. JM didn't complain. I think next time I'll go for the coconut cream. It looks easier and I love coconut!


Kristina P. said...

My favorite, favorite topping is the crumble type topping!

ukyankoz said...

Yes, try coconut, it's one of my faovrites!

And you did very good for a first time - pies are hard! I tried an apple pie up at Nain's and it was NOT good!

Bridget said...

I hope you'll participate this month! :)